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Welcome to The Balloon Wall @ Herts Party Bags

Herts Party Bags recently introduced a trading name to our shop and are now know as "The Balloon Wall @ Herts Party Bags.
Herts Party Bags was opened in March 2013. After the owner Claryhse Nelson who has 5 children Kai, Kade,Jayden, Paisley, Alana and a step son Joshua, had made party bags for her oldest girl Paisley. These 21 party bags went down well at a 5 years birthday party in Stevenage. The feedback she received where comments like "you should sell these", "you fancy making these for my childs party?" After receiving comments like that the idea of starting a party bag company become a real possibility. After research in to party bag favors and sweets for the bags, Claryhse decided to open a party bag business. The name Herts Party Bags came from the fact the company supplies Party bags and that the company is based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire (Herts).

With the name came the idea for bright coloured party bags which lead to the multi-coloured Herts Party Bags logo. Herts Party Bags started to trade on Ebay and Facebook to start with until the launch of this website in May 2013 due to the demand of it services. Within the 1st month of trading Herts Party Bags had sold over 400 party bags via these platforms and in the 2nd month another 300 bags. With the 1st order being placed within 12 hours of the company opening.

In April 2013 Herts Party Bags launched Boys and Girls specific bags due to overwhelming interest from the Facebook community. These where priced at £1.25 a bag after running a poll on Facebook with 60% of the response voting for £1.25. But within a year the price was reduced to £1.00 per bag as party parcels where introduced to the range. The reason behind this price change was simple, everything for a pound was easier to market then two different price structures The company continues to grow from strength to strength with new suppliers being brought on board to reduce the cost of the bags and supply new items to our lines. This is why Herts Party Bags can supply their original generic bags for just £1.

In September 2013 we launched our new range of Pre Filled Party Parcels which was Patented by the UK government in August 2015. These launched at £1 each and still remain the same price today.

In 2014 Herts Party Bags moved out of the house we were running the business from into a purpose made out building complete with electric, heating and fully insulated with the plan that this would help us grow over the next 4-5 years. However this wasn't the case as the building was double the previous 12m2 and Herts Party Bags quickly out grew this as well taking on additional space in the way of a garage, Our house loft and Alison's Shed & Utility room and ultimately our hallway and bedrooms again.

This rapid expansion of the business in just over 24 months meant our monthly sales of party bags had grown from 300 bags a month to over 10,000 bags and parcels by April 2015. This quick expansion resulted in Herts Party Bags putting in a offer to the Stevenage Council to take on a 85m2 Retail unit in the Glebe Shopping Center, And on 22nd February 2016 after a complete refurb by the owner (Simon Keehne) a new modern party shop was born. 

On 31st December 2019 we closed our shop due to the imminent arrival of our 7th Child (Theo) We moved the business back home to it's origins, refurbing the out building previously used. Although we where no longer on the high street, this ultimately proved to be a great move as 2 days after our son Theo was born the UK entered a National Lockdown due to Covid-19. This move gave us flexibility to see the business through this tough time relatively unscathed. 

As we entered lockdown 2 and 3 plans where put in place to rebuild the out building to be able to help business move forward post Covid. As we write this we are just finishing the prep work on the base and surrounding areas. More info can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages

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